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Bach Flower Consultations

In a consultation, your current mental and emotional attitudes are reviewed and discussed. Traditionally, the role of the Bach Flower Registered Practitioner is to assist you in choosing the remedies accordingly. When you meet with Helen, she often uses the "glass of water" method in addition to the traditional interview to assist in determining the correct remedy. The client is given a glass of water and as each attitude is determined two drops of the indicated remedy is put in the water. The client is asked to take a sip. In Helen's experience, if it is the correct remedy, there is an immediate shift in the client's attitude or emotional state. Most often, 4 to 6 remedies, are indicated at any one time. This, of course, varies on the individual and the current circumstance. The client is then given a treatment bottle of the verified remedies and directed to take four drops by mouth four times a day, and more often if desired. The value of the "glass of water" is that it reliably shows the correct remedies for that person, at that time. The client is shown how to make their own treatment bottle, and the chosen remedies are reviewed as the treatment bottle is made. The consultation generally takes about 30 minutes. Helen recommends a follow-up session in 2 weeks to review their response and check to see if other remedies are now indicated.

The Bach Flower Remedies generally work "like an onion." That is, in layers. As one clears the surface attitudes, other attitudes usually surface, and these require different remedies.

The Bach Flower Remedies are the most individual of treatments. They address, how you, the individual,is right now. Attitudes and situations change, and thus the indicated remedies change. When a client says the remedies "stopped working," it is either they have not been taking them, or (usually) the attitudes have shifted and different remedies are indicated. Helen's goal is to educate the client about The Bach Flower Remedies, the indications, and how to make their own treatment bottles so that they are able to choose their own remedies.  

Helen Hess has been a Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner since 2005. In addition to utilizing the remedies for herself, her family, friends and pets, she has 14 years of clinical experience using the Bach Flower Remedies.  

Initial Consultations are $200 and follow consultations are $100 and include a personalized treatment bottle. This is done at Helen's office.   

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